The six overall objectives proposed for the strategic plan are a response to the challenges facing URAA and Older Persons outlined in the context analysis. While the strategies are by no means the only measure that will lead to improved welfare for Older Persons in Uganda, they nevertheless are a bold and pragmatic step towards building on URAA’s work in the previous years on improving and maintaining the dignity and quality of life of older persons.

The strategies in particular, aim at raising URAA’s profile and scope of interaction. Through this five-year strategy URAA commits herself to be the lead advocacy and service agency that represents the needs and interests of older person. The above shall be pursued through the following strategic objectives:

  1. To economically empower older persons.
  2. To address the social welfare of elderly people.
  3. To strengthen networking and integration between URAA, OPS and other stakeholders.
  4. To set up an effective information and communication system and data base that articulates older person’s issues.
  5. To carry out research, policy lobby and advocacy for older persons.
  6. To strengthen URAA institutional capacity and effectiveness.