CEO's message

Reach Aged Association’s (URAA) progress for the year 2019 id presented with a lot of excitement. This is the first year of operationalizing the five years Strategic Plan (2017 – 2021), a strategy that communicates our objectives. I would like to thank the Board of Directors for supporting the process. We are grateful that in the year 2019, the organisation also received more resources to implement the Strategic Plan. I call upon development partners and supporters to continue supporting URAA in making this new strategy a reality.

As we progress on the Strategic Plan, we will continue to promote our work on economically empowering older persons, addressing the social welfare of older persons and their families, strengthening networking, information provision, communication and integration between URAA, Older Persons, their representatives and other stakeholders also carrying out research, policy lobby and advocacy for older persons, and strengthening URAA’s institutional capacity and effectiveness as well as increasing efforts on resource mobilization and building strategicpartnerships during strategy implementation. During this year we welcomed a new partner in support of our work. We are particularly excited to have entered into a partnership with Oxfam Novib Voice funding facility who are supporting a project to address Research on Understanding and Challenging Ageism in six Districts in Uganda.

We also continued to engage the government, both central and local governments and other stakeholders on service provision to older persons and people under their care. We will remain engaged with the international process like the need for the older person convection that promotes and support the struggles to enable older persons to live a dignified life. We are cognizant of the fact that our achievements were made possible due to the dedicated service and commitment of the staff and volunteers and I would like to thank them in a very special way for the role that each one of them played. I lastly wish to thank the Board of Directors for the continued guidance they offered and the entire membership for the support given to the organization.

Frederick Ouma Bwire,