Vision and Mission

Vision: A dignified, self-fulfilled, poverty-free ageing Uganda

Mission: To champion the realization and preservation of a dignified quality of life for Older Persons in Uganda.

URAA’s Core Values are:

  • Dignity and mutual respect
  • Courage of conviction
  • Integrity
  • Transparency, trust, and accountability
  • Ageing, fellowship, and selflessness

URAA Core Programme Areas: According to the Strategic Plan, there are 5(five) programme areas through which URAA delivers its mandate.

  1. Economic empowerment for older persons:
  2. Social Justice for older persons:
  3. To strengthen Networking and communication between URAA and other stakeholders:
  4. To carry out research, policy lobby and advocacy for older persons
  5. To strengthen the capacity of URAA and its member organizations to effectively implement older persons’ programs.