[dropcap type=”default”]T[/dropcap]he Uganda Reach the Aged Association (URAA) is a national voluntary not-for­-profit, non-government organization whose vision is a dignified, self-fulfilled poverty free ageing Uganda and a mission is to champion the realization and preservation of a dignified quality of life for older persons in Uganda. URAA was founded in 1991 by a group of older persons (OP) themselves and is affiliated to HelpAge International. URAA is registered with NGO board No. S. 5914/797 and by Guarantee No. 63986. URAA has a membership of over 480,000 older persons in the 80 district associations (230,000 Male and 250,000 Female) were it operates.

URAA has grown rapidly to a national association with over 82 member organizations in all the regions of Uganda. URAA is mandated to promote quality wellbeing of OPs through its member organizations. The aim of URAA is to provide a platform for fellowship, mutual support, hope and a voice to Ops. Specifically, the organization focuses on advocacy to raise awareness on Op’s issues and fight stigma to Ops through the rights-based approach aimed at promoting dignified living by advocating and promoting equitable access economic empowerment, social welfare, treatment, care and support, and wellbeing of OPs.

URAA is a network member of Help Age International, a worldwide Network that helps older persons claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives.