Excitement and hope with support to Special Interest Groups Leaders

Intergenerational activity is more than bringing the young and elderly together, it recognizes the values and contributions of all generations. Although older persons are sometimes looked down on by society, they are the back born of future generations.

Ms Ayesiga Patience (Female Youth Councilor in Sheema District) mentioned that “in one of the Special Interests Groups (SIGs) leaders training conducted by Uganda Reach the Aged Association (URAA) and Help Age International in Sheema district, as a youth, we learnt how to engage more with other members of the Special Interests Groups and identify their potentials and needs to serve them better, reach out and educate other Leaders in sub-counties, villages, and parish level.”

Older Persons being the most vulnerable and neglected age group in Uganda face a lot of challenges which include old age discrimination, non-communicable diseases, and other ailments which lead to stress and suffering. With a lot of diversity and changes over the years, the youth, women, and persons with disabilities also face challenges coping with the constantly growing and competitive economy hence many experience increasing rates of depression.

In a bid to improve on the intolerable situation and conditions, URAA and Help Age International, adopted an intergenerational approach to increase understanding and sharing of experiences between generations to enhance learning and skill sharing across age groups.

With support to the intergenerational linkages, most of the participants testify having their capacity built and increased levels of engagement and support to the SIGs. As a result of this, one reports that “there are benefits of the support and engagements not only for Older Persons but for all the Special Interests Groups”. Equally, Persons with Disabilities, Youth, and Women have also expressed gratitude for the working relationship and approaches for the SIG leaders.

Mr. Ssemanda Mathias (Youth Councilor in Buvuma district) stated that” Irrespective of having been voted by the Youth, it’s still my role to ensure that Older Persons receive service delivery. Based on this, URAA and Help Age International have continued to encourage special Interests group leaders to create an age-friendly environment for all citizens. Mr Ssemanda Mathias further stated that “organizations like URAA and Help Age International should be availed more support in terms of resources by the donors to reach out to older persons in the communities.

Mr Ssemanda Mathias prays to God to keep him going so that the skills and experience of lobbying and advocacy he acquired can be used in many fields say as a Youth, a general councillor, and an older person councillor and in other capacities. He is so passionate about supporting SIG and very grateful to URAA and Help Age International for the capacity building which has enlightened him to work for the benefit of SIG members now and in the future.

Compiled by Diana Akullo

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