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Our Projects

  1. Strengthening Social Protection to prevent and mitigate the Impact of HIV and AIDS in sub Saharan Africa.
  2. Enhancing citizen demand for social protection and national roll out of SAGE.
  3. Improving local service delivery to older people
  4. Promoting inheritance rights for Older Persons and Children under their care
  5. Social protection for older people and their dependent OVC
  6. Livelihoods improvement for older people and their dependent OVC
  7. National Endowment for Democracy(NED)
  8. European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights(EIDHR) which was implemented in Adjumani
  9. Allen and Overly matching grant to  European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights which supports paralegal training.
  10. VOICE  to Understand and Challenge Ageism in  Uganda.
  11. Global Alliance for the Rights of Older Persons(GAROP)
  12. Age Demand Actions(ADA) Identify and Challenge Ageism during COVID-19  Pandemic to provide a platform to Older Persons (Men and Women)  to have their voices heard by the decision makers and ensure their treated equally.
  13. Governance Capacity support to local government entitled Karamoja Good Governance and Accountability(KAGGA) in Nakapiripit and Abim in collaboration with ADOL health initiative and supported from Development Initiative for Northern Uganda(DINU) and European Union.