Areas of work and targets

  1. Economic Empowerment for Older Persons including work with refugees:


  • Increase in the number of older persons accessing secure incomes.
  • URAA member organizations establish micro projects for household income.
  • URAA member Organizations start group-based savings and credit schemes
  • Influence to financial and insurance institutions to incorporate OPs Associations.

2. Addressing the Social Welfare of Older Persons:


  • Health facilities equipped with medicine and personnel for old age care.
  • A reduction in the prevalence and impact of HIV and AIDS on older persons.
  • Reduction in the incidences of abuse and violation of the rights of older persons. URAA has trained Paralegal Advisors and Older Citizen Monitoring teams among the refugees and even locals, these are tasked to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services as well as service monitoring for and with older persons
  • Provision of medical support through Medical Camps

3. Networking, information and communication:


  • URAA active in at least 8 relevant national, regional and international networks.
  • A vibrant national and regional older persons’ network in place.
  • Increased partnership with age care organizations to promote rights of OPs.

4. Policy influence and Research:  


  • Data on issues concerning older persons is available and accessible.
  • OPs issues are mainstreamed and integrated in at least 10 national based policies.
  • An organized stakeholder movement in place to lobby and advocate for OPs.

5. Strengthen URAA institutional capacity and effectiveness.


  • Diversified financial resource base
  • Structures, systems and policies that enable URAA to achieve its Mission in place.
  • Strengthened capacity of URAA members to lead community action for their rights.
  • URAA member organizations vibrant and sustainable.